Stormwater System Repair

Sediment removal is complete. The site has been surveyed. Now, we discovered that the infiltration trench never installed. And, the pond was graded to the wrong elevation. We are bringing in new fill and using a laser to correctly grade the #pond. We have added additional #BMPs to ensure we do not have any #sediment release and our #turbidity is within compliance. Once the engineers have come up with an approved revision to the trench and low flow orifice, we will be on our way to completing this project. Stormwater systems are at the core of what we do here at DGC. Reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have with your #stormwater #systems

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sinkhole repair in Florida

How to repair a sinkhole in Florida (with photos)

Concrete block mats were removed, and then the sink hole was over excavated and compacted. Geotextile liner was installed and coarse aggregate was used on the bottom and compacted. We installed more liner to cover the aggregate and used DOT grade fill which was compacted in 6-inch lifts, Once optimal grade was meet, concrete block mats were then reset and sod was laid around all edges of the work area. Follow us on Instagram and see more projects showcasing our Best Management Practices.

removing concrete blocks for sink hole repair
Removing concrete block mats as part of sink hole repair
removing concrete block mat in Florida
Concrete block mat removal to expose sink hole as part of the repair process
sink hole repair in Florida
Exposing the sinkhole by removing concrete mats
sinkhole repair in florida compacting fill and geotextile liner installation
Compacting the sinkhole prior to geotextile liner installation
Using DOT grade fill to repair sinkhole.
Using DOT grade fill to repair sinkhole
geotextile liner used to repair sinkhole
Geotextile liner used to repair sinkhole
after sinkhole repair in Florida
Complete: Sinkhole has been repaired using best practices and a lot of hard work.
stormwater management technology for monitoring stormwater systems - OPTI

Real-Time Remote Monitoring of Environmental Sites

When 215 MILLION gallons of radioactive treatment water drains through a sinkhole into Florida’s aquifer, every pond owner in the state takes notice. Sinkholes are becoming a common occurrence in Florida and with a recent environmental disaster involving a sinkhole under a treatment pond, the value (both environmentally and economically) of monitoring these systems has never been greater. DGC Environmental is now offering real-time, remote monitoring of environmental sites thanks to our new partnership with the real-time control experts at Opti.

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What is so different about this approach?

Using state of the art equipment, innovative cloud-based technology, and real-time continuous monitoring, we can now reduce field expenses by limiting service visits to only when triggered by a maintenance condition, all while collecting continuous data and monitoring your system remotely. Pond water levels, flow monitoring and reporting, water quality monitoring and live camera inspection are now in real time and are available as services we provide.  Opti’s current technology continuously monitors pond levels and calculates the expected drawdown rate of a facility; any deviation from this expected performance results in an instant alert to a technician who can login from any internet enabled device and get an in-depth look at the current status of the system.  This real-time monitoring system could have prevented a large percentage of the discharged radioactive water from entering the aquifer through early identification of a rapid unexpected drawdown. Additional thresholds can be set to notify technicians of any abnormal water level drop, or rise (for flood mitigation), the instant it is picked up by professionally installed sensors. The future of stormwater maintenance is rapidly catching up with the rest of the constantly connected world.

Preventative maintenance of stormwater systems has never been so accessible and affordable. Have you considered reducing expenses and increasing visibility and control of your stormwater infrastructure? Contact us about how we can save you money and help you sleep at night.

Contact us about how we can ease your conscious and save you money.