rip rap installation for sediment control of stormwater system

Erosion Control – Rip Rap to the Rescue!

Erosion is the displacement of soil by water, wind or other natural agents. The severity of the erosion is dependent on the environment, water velocity, soil type, and vegetative or other coverage.

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Most municipalities require that any erosion that occurs on a property to be repaired as quickly as possible and failure to do so could result in a Notice of Violation (NOV) which can incur fines. Erosion repairs can be expensive, so the best way to manage erosion is to prevent it.

When looking for a solution to an erosion problem, rip rap can be a cost effective option. When properly installed it can slow water velocity and offer coverage to protect venerable areas from erosion. The proper installation makes all the difference in the effectiveness of the protection the rip rap will provide. Rip rap is commonly large rock that is installed over prepared ground and secured geotextile fabric. With this method, the ground beneath the rock is stabilized and can offer years of protection from elements of erosion. Typically, rip rap is used around structures, on slopes and in high velocity areas. In addition to offering a solution for erosion issues, rip rap is esthetically pleasing.

Maintenance costs are reduced when rip rap is used around structures because the areas will be sprayed quarterly instead of trimmed monthly or bimonthly. It also reduces the cost of sediment removal because the soil is not displaced, so sediment accumulation is reduced. In one of our projects, a client was having drainage issues and it was found to be accumulated sediment in a mitered end structure. We removed the accumulated sediment and added geotextile fabric and rip rap at the end of the structure. After the repair was complete, the drainage issues were resolved.

Even though some sediment accumulation will occur within any stormwater system, the amount can be minimized with preventative measures.

Rip rap was one of the first forms of erosion control, used on the dams in the Panama Canal in the early 1900’s, so it is a tried and true method.

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