florida invasive plants

Invasive Plants List

The Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council releases a list of exotic pest plants every two years. Professional botanists to their best to determine which plants should be on the list. They are organized into categories:

  • Category 1 invade native plant communities and displacing native species
  • Category 2 are increasing in numbers but are not yet displacing native plant communities

Download this PDF of the 2019 list of Exotic Pest Plants in Florida.

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air potato plant control with beetles

Lily-Beetles helping to stop creeping air-potato vines

Florida homeowners have a difficult time with a creeping vine which has heart-shaped leaves and potato like bulbs that suffocate trees and other native plants. Without intervention potato vines can take over entire forests in just a few months.

Take a look at this image with multiple lily beetles. They may look like ladybugs but they are larger and they sure love potato plants.

What’s more, they are so effective that the state of Florida is giving them away to residents who want to use them on their property.

Native to Asia, the beetles have been deployed over 300,000 bugs in 42 counties. Luckily, they only eat air potato plants. Science!

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