After graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal in Naples, Florida

Graffiti removal on a retaining wall around a detention pond in Naples, FL. We pressure washed the wall to remove mold and prep it for painting.

Graffiti Removal from Retaining Wall

These are the After photos of the retaining wall around a detention pond in Naples, FL. We finished the pressure washing and the wall is ready to be painted. When we return we will seal any cracks along the wall and proceed to paint the wall gray to cover the graffiti.

Retaining Wall after Graffiti Removal

florida invasive plants

Invasive Plants List

The Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council releases a list of exotic pest plants every two years. Professional botanists to their best to determine which plants should be on the list. They are organized into categories:

  • Category 1 invade native plant communities and displacing native species
  • Category 2 are increasing in numbers but are not yet displacing native plant communities

Download this PDF of the 2019 list of Exotic Pest Plants in Florida.

Contact us if you want a free site assessment to determine if your property has invasives.

Skid Steer with Mulching Head Video

Watch as a DGC Technician operates a skid steer with a mulching head and removes Brazilian Pepper. Note that all stumps are chemically treated afterward which prevents the regrowth of the exotic invasive species.

How to clear a clogged catch basin with a Vac Truck

If you have a catch basin (drain) on your property; you might want to go take a look at it. Simply walk over to the catch basin and look down between the grates. If you see sediment, sludge, or other things lurking near the grates then it may be impacted and in need of clearing. (Contact DGC Environmental to clear your impacted catch basin) Take a look at our client’s catch basin which was impacted by over 80% sediment and grease.

impacted catch basin
Catch basin located in Port Charlotte, FL. Is impacted with over 80% sediment and grease.
bmps around impacted catch basin
B.M.P’s – cones properly placed for work to be performed at impacted catch basin. Located in Port Charlotte, FL.
vac truck clearing of impacted catch basin
We are vacuuming out sediment and grease from catch basin that is over 80% full, via Vac-Truck. After the sediment and grease have been removed we will pressure wash area that has been impacted from the catch basin.
pressure washing area around impacted catch basin to remove grease from ground.
Pressure washing impacted area of catch basin which was over 80% full of sediment and grease. We are using vac truck to vac up the water from pressure washer, so we can properly dispose of off-site. In Port Charlotte, FL.
privacy fence in florida

Hardwood removal from ditch impacting filtration pipe

Fence line after hardwood removal from a ditch, in ST. Petersburg, Fla. The ditch is located behind a retention pond which had a lot of vegetative growth. This vegetative growth impacts the natural flow of stormwater, preventing the water to properly permeate through the soil. The trees also caused damage to the privacy fence around the retention pond. DGC Environmental Services went into the ditch and removed all the hardwood.

Hardwood removal in a ditch at a distribution center in St. Petersburg, Florida
Hardwood removal in a ditch at a distribution center in St. Petersburg, Florida
picture of tree debris in drainage ditch in florida
Hardwood removal from a ditch in St. Petersburg. We cut the hardwood into manageable pieces and put them into a sump trailer Via Skid Steer
loading hardwood tree debris as part of hardwood removal for overgrown ditch in florida
Loading cut hardwood into dump trailer for proper disposal off-site. In St. Petersburg.
Fence line in florida with piles of cut hardwood ready for removal
Cut hardwood ready to be loaded into a dump trailer for proper disposal.

Sediment Pond Installation

The pond was used as a sediment pond during construction of the property and once construction was completed, the pond was never scraped out and built to the plan specs.

We ended up removing 380 yards of sediment and then brought in new fill to get the pond back to the correct elevation. There should have been an infiltration trench installed in the pond but it was never installed. This pond is considered a water quality pond due to its size and then drains offsite into another detention pond. We had engineers redesign the infiltration trench since the required depth could not be met and have positive flow.

Once designs were approved for the design change, we dug out the trench, installed our geotextile and set the drain line.

We then backfilled over the pipe with #57 stone and formed a trench down the middle.

Next, we installed the riprap at the inflow structure. Then, we seeded the disturbed areas and covered with coconut fiber. Finally, we installed a silt fence around the rock bed until complete stabilization is achieved.


Stormwater Monitoring System Installation (Day 2)

Photos from day 2 of our continuous stormwater monitoring system. This system monitors water levels and weather forecasts and opens/closes valves to move stormwater before it becomes a problem. As you can see, this stormwater site was configured with cloud based stormwater monitoring system in just 2 days! Contact DGC when you are ready to upgrade your stormwater system. (772) 467-9224

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Stormwater Monitoring System Installation (Day 1)

Install support pole, shrub and tree removal, Trenching, installed approximately 75 ft of conduit and wire from stilling well to control panel, compacted, covered all exposed fill with sod. Stay tuned for more images from day two. Contact DGC Environmental if you need assistance with your stormwater monitoring system in Florida or anywhere within our service area in the Southeast United States. Contact Us

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air potato plant control with beetles

Lily-Beetles helping to stop creeping air-potato vines

Florida homeowners have a difficult time with a creeping vine which has heart-shaped leaves and potato like bulbs that suffocate trees and other native plants. Without intervention potato vines can take over entire forests in just a few months.

Take a look at this image with multiple lily beetles. They may look like ladybugs but they are larger and they sure love potato plants.

What’s more, they are so effective that the state of Florida is giving them away to residents who want to use them on their property.

Native to Asia, the beetles have been deployed over 300,000 bugs in 42 counties. Luckily, they only eat air potato plants. Science!

Contact DGC Environmental – We remove exotic and invasive plants for our happy customers. 772-467-9224

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Dumpster Cleanup

Our customer called to report illegal dumping and vandalism behind their distribution center. We responded with our environmental clean up team and began the dumpster cleanup. Pretty impressive display of before and after. If you experience illegal dumping and vandalism call us 772-467-9224

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