Skid Steer with Mulching Head Video

Watch as a DGC Technician operates a skid steer with a mulching head and removes Brazilian Pepper. Note that all stumps are chemically treated afterward which prevents the regrowth of the exotic invasive species.

privacy fence in florida

Hardwood removal from ditch impacting filtration pipe

Fence line after hardwood removal from a ditch, in ST. Petersburg, Fla. The ditch is located behind a retention pond which had a lot of vegetative growth. This vegetative growth impacts the natural flow of stormwater, preventing the water to properly permeate through the soil. The trees also caused damage to the privacy fence around the retention pond. DGC Environmental Services went into the ditch and removed all the hardwood.

Hardwood removal in a ditch at a distribution center in St. Petersburg, Florida
Hardwood removal in a ditch at a distribution center in St. Petersburg, Florida
picture of tree debris in drainage ditch in florida
Hardwood removal from a ditch in St. Petersburg. We cut the hardwood into manageable pieces and put them into a sump trailer Via Skid Steer
loading hardwood tree debris as part of hardwood removal for overgrown ditch in florida
Loading cut hardwood into dump trailer for proper disposal off-site. In St. Petersburg.
Fence line in florida with piles of cut hardwood ready for removal
Cut hardwood ready to be loaded into a dump trailer for proper disposal.

Dumpster Cleanup

Our customer called to report illegal dumping and vandalism behind their distribution center. We responded with our environmental clean up team and began the dumpster cleanup. Pretty impressive display of before and after. If you experience illegal dumping and vandalism call us 772-467-9224

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Stormwater System Repair

Sediment removal is complete. The site has been surveyed. Now, we discovered that the infiltration trench never installed. And, the pond was graded to the wrong elevation. We are bringing in new fill and using a laser to correctly grade the #pond. We have added additional #BMPs to ensure we do not have any #sediment release and our #turbidity is within compliance. Once the engineers have come up with an approved revision to the trench and low flow orifice, we will be on our way to completing this project. Stormwater systems are at the core of what we do here at DGC. Reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have with your #stormwater #systems

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Creek Blockage and Illegal dumping cleanup

Our environmental cleanup team was called to a property where years of illegal dumping created artificial dams and caused a creek to back up. We cut a few temporary channels to help move the water downstream but this is just the start of a larger cleanup project. What you are seeing is years of debris catching certain choke points which allow sediment and other debris to build up and block the flow of water. This system experiences flooding upstream on several sites.

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If your property has fallen victim to illegal dumping or has been issued a violation; call DGC Environmental Services. We’ll come out and give you a free estimate for cleanup. 772-467-9224


removing debris from concrete flume

Sediment removal from concrete flumes

We removed approximately 5 tons of sediment from two concrete flumes and disposed of the material at an off-site location. Once the stormwater structures were cleared, we placed bed sod on all the impacted areas.

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When stormwater structures become impacted they stop functioning which leads to flooding even with modest amounts of rain. Contact Us for a Free Stormwater Evaluation today!

Tree removal after hurricane in Florida

Post Hurricane Tree Removal and Fence Repair

Fallen tree removal due to high winds from hurricane Irma. This powerful storm caused widespread amounts of damage throughout our service area (Southeast United States) Here we see approximately 500ft of fence line was compromised by a fully mature tree which was uprooted by the hurricane winds. Pictured, is our Kubota loading the stump and tree debris into the dumpster box which was sent to a composting facility. Months later, we are still helping our clients clean up after this storm.

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