flooded parking lot in Florida

Flooded Parking Lot Cleanup

This parking lot flooded due to a clogged storm drain. By calling our flood cleanup service; the client received rapid response to a dangerous and revenue impacting condition. Our environmental cleanup team arrived on the scene with one very important tool: Our Vac Truck. This vacuum truck (think shop vac on steroids!) was turned-on and immediately cleared the drain. Our team finished the job by clearing all existing sediment.

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Pro Tip!  If you want to avoid emergency flooding, you should consider subscribing to our stormwater maintenance program. We’ll come by routinely to inspect and clear potential problems before they happen.

removing debris from concrete flume

Sediment removal from concrete flumes

We removed approximately 5 tons of sediment from two concrete flumes and disposed of the material at an off-site location. Once the stormwater structures were cleared, we placed bed sod on all the impacted areas.

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When stormwater structures become impacted they stop functioning which leads to flooding even with modest amounts of rain. Contact Us for a Free Stormwater Evaluation today!

Tree removal after hurricane in Florida

Post Hurricane Tree Removal and Fence Repair

Fallen tree removal due to high winds from hurricane Irma. This powerful storm caused widespread amounts of damage throughout our service area (Southeast United States) Here we see approximately 500ft of fence line was compromised by a fully mature tree which was uprooted by the hurricane winds. Pictured, is our Kubota loading the stump and tree debris into the dumpster box which was sent to a composting facility. Months later, we are still helping our clients clean up after this storm.

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Need a tree removed?

We are experts at tree removal and debris cleanup.

invasive exotic plant control

Herbicide Treatment at Distribution Center

The land behind our client’s distribution center was overrun with Cat Tails, Torpedo Grass, Primrose and Willows. As part of our invasive species control service; we sprayed herbicide to kill the exotic plant species. Additionally, two ponds on the property required littoral shelf maintenance  to keep our client in compliance. Here are some photos of the invasive plant kill off with approved herbicides.

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spreading absorbant to stop the spread of septic fluid

Septic Tank Spill Cleanup

When our client called about their septic spill, we immediately headed to the location and becan securing the area for safety. It’s important to keep children and pets away until the spill is contained and cleaned. With our waste cleanup crew and vacuum truck on site we got to work. We spread absorbant to prevent the spill from going further. Then we jet vac cleaned the septic tank and pressure washed the area.

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Video of Jet Vac Cleaning out storm water pipes

Over a period of time (long or short Period) sedimentation gathers along the bottom of the storm water pipes. To get an accurate video inspection we remove all sediment along the entire length of pipe.

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Illegal Dumping in Florida

It's an unfortunate fact that illegal dumping is prevalent in Florida. In this example, DGC Environmental was hired to clear out a compactor pad which required manual debris removal, power washing and jet vacuum cleanup. Just give DGC a call if you become the victim of Illegal dumping and we'll be right over to clean up the mess.

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Lake Osceola Fountain – ESPN Game Day

Watch #ESPN #College #Gameday on Saturday November, 11 where they will be broadcasting from University of Miami. #LakeOsceola will be a feature of the broadcast. Both lake and the fountain are maintained by DGC Environmental

Update 11/27/17:

Here are more photos from the fountain cleanup of the University of Miami fountain.

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