A wetland enhancement, restoration, creation and/or preservation project that serves to offset unavoidable wetland impacts is known as wetland mitigation. The environmental benefits of a mitigation project should compensate for the functional loss resulting from the permitted impact of the wetland. Compensatory mitigation activities may include, but are not limited to, onsite mitigation, offsite mitigation, offsite regional mitigation, and the purchase of mitigation credits from permitted mitigation banks.

Wetland mitigation sites are required to be monitored on a cyclical basis.  Depending on the requirements of the permit, our specialists will acquire the necessary data to compile and submit these reports to the regulatory agency  requiring these reports.  In addition to submitting the reports to the district, our specialists will act as a liaison for the client with the agency to correct any known issues with the site.   We also provide a detailed report of the site to the client and track ongoing progress.

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