We repair commercial and residential sinkholes.

Sinkholes caused by poorly connected storm drains or subsurface conditions are usually unknown until they appear suddenly. Our sinkhole inspectors are trained to look for the signs of these issues before they become an emergency.

Small sinkholes typically just need to be filled with sand and or clayey soil. However, If the sinkhole is close to a structure like a home, building or swimming pool, your property owner’s insurance may cover assessment and repair. In this case, contact your insurance company and then call DGC Environmental at 772-467-9224. In some cases, local government agencies will assist in evacuation, damage assessment.

Sinkholes can occur anywhere, and the repair can be complex. We have extensive experience repairing sinkholes in parking lots and detentions ponds.

Sinkholes, Sinkholes, DGC EnvironmentalSinkholes, Sinkholes, DGC Environmental