Violating the Clean Water Act of 1974

The Clean Water Act was instituted in 1974.  Since that time, the United States has amended laws to include National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permits for properties over one acre in size.  Additionally, cities, counties and water management districts have added ordinances to keep regional water clean and healthy.  When a site does not comply with local, state or federal laws a company will receive a Notice of Violation (NOV) from that entity.  The site will be given a certain amount of time to correct the issue and if not corrected, substantial fines will be incurred. 

DGC has worked with many clients to have these issues resolved.  Our experienced managers will meet with a representative from the entity where the NOV originated and note all issues.  A report of that meeting and proposed action will then be reported to the client.  The client then makes a decision about how they would like to proceed with the repair. 

After the repair is made, DGC professionals meet onsite with the entity representative to ensure that all repairs meet the requirements stated in the NOV.  DGC will then work with the client for an ongoing solution that will prevent future violations. 

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