Grease Trap Cleaning & Service

Brown Grease is found in wastewater and is the type of grease collected in grease traps. Known as fats, oils, and greases (FOGs), they congeal and accumulate on pipes and pumps and can obstruct sewer lines, making regular and thorough cleaning necessary to keep businesses operating smoothly. 

DGC Environmental Services offers grease trap cleaning by vacuuming the entire contents of the trap and washing or scraping the sides of the trap. The collected grease trap waste is then transported and disposed of at a permitted disposal centers. Because grease will inevitably accumulate in lines and eventually cause a blockage, we recommend the annual cleaning of the outlet and inlet lines. This can greatly help to eliminate blockages of the lines that will cause costly interruptions of your business. 

We offer maintenance programs to custom-fit each customer’s individual needs. Each maintenance visit includes grease trap vacuuming, side scraping or pressure washing, a thorough cleaning of the surrounding area, and a visual inspection by an appointed employee of the customer’s choosing. 

Additional Services:

  • Water Jetting of Lines

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Sample Testing for Compliance with Local Regulations

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