sinkhole repair in Florida

How to repair a sinkhole in Florida (with photos)

Concrete block mats were removed, and then the sink hole was over excavated and compacted. Geotextile liner was installed and coarse aggregate was used on the bottom and compacted. We installed more liner to cover the aggregate and used DOT grade fill which was compacted in 6-inch lifts, Once optimal grade was meet, concrete block mats were then reset and sod was laid around all edges of the work area. Follow us on Instagram and see more projects showcasing our Best Management Practices.

removing concrete blocks for sink hole repair
Removing concrete block mats as part of sink hole repair
removing concrete block mat in Florida
Concrete block mat removal to expose sink hole as part of the repair process
sink hole repair in Florida
Exposing the sinkhole by removing concrete mats
sinkhole repair in florida compacting fill and geotextile liner installation
Compacting the sinkhole prior to geotextile liner installation
Using DOT grade fill to repair sinkhole.
Using DOT grade fill to repair sinkhole
geotextile liner used to repair sinkhole
Geotextile liner used to repair sinkhole
after sinkhole repair in Florida
Complete: Sinkhole has been repaired using best practices and a lot of hard work.

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