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    AQUALIS Delivers Comprehensive Sustainable Water Management

    Partner with the nationwide leader in stormwater, wastewater and water quality testing services.

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    Water Compliance Is Not Optional

    The US EPA Clean Water Act requires developed sites of one acre or more to have a stormwater management plan.

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    Lift Station Management

    Wastewater and stormwater lift stations or sump pumps require continuous maintenance to reduce back-ups, alleviate flooding risk, and diminish potential interruptions to your business. Learn more about our extensive lift station management programs.

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    AQUALIS vactor and jetting services

    Emergency Response Services

    AQUALIS crews are ready today to provide clean-up and emergency response services. Whether sediment build-up, flooded parking lots, drainage issues or spill cleanup, call us at 855.916.3960 for immediate assistance.

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    Water management basin

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    Environmental Responsibility

    Unmanaged stormwater runoff is the leading cause of surface water pollution. Become a good steward to create a better planet for future generations.

    Partner with AQUALIS

    Water compliance is not optional. Stormwater runoff is one of the leading causes of water pollution, particularly in urban areas, and also leads to erosion, flooding, sinkholes, and environmental issues. AQUALIS, the nationwide leading provider of stormwater and lift station management, helps protect your assets by mitigating potential Notices of Violation (NOVs), reducing your risk of flooding, offering 24/7 emergency response services, and supporting your efforts in environmental stewardship.

    Our Services

    Stormwater Management

    Comprehensive solutions for a wide range of above-ground and underground stormwater systems.

    Lift Station Management

    Extensive management options to maintain, repair, and rehab sanitary and stormwater lift stations or pumps.

    Inspection Services

    Expert assessments for pre-occupancy, pre-Notice of Termination (NOT), or annual inspection needs.

    CCTV Pipe Inspections

    Up-close view of stormwater systems to ensure proper water flow and function of SCMs.

    Vactor, Jetting & Hydro Excavation

    Cleaning, clearing, or daylighting your system to restore and maintain systems to functional states according to design.

    Drinking Water Testing

    Water analysis to meet federal, state and local compliance standards with chemical and microbial contaminant testing capabilities.

    Emergency Response

    For assistance with emergency service needs, call us immediately at 855.916.3960.

    Protect your water management infrastructure.

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    Nationwide Coverage with Regional Expertise

    Strategically positioned throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, AQUALIS maintenance crews are certified to meet the unique regulatory standards in each and every community we serve. As your partner in stormwater and wastewater resource management, we leverage relationships with more than 1,300 regulators across the country and engage local entities to ensure that our services achieve the highest level of compliance possible.

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    Serving All Industries

    We service a wide spectrum of industries to meet our clients needs.

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    One Vendor Solution

    Expansive national footprint for holistic approach to management of assets.

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    Expert Delivery

    Regional experts apply localized expertise of compliance and geography challenges.

    Case Studies

    Commercial • Stormwater System Repairs

    Jacksonville, Fla. Wet Detention Pond Rehabilitation

    A wet detention pond located adjacent to a shipping and transportation warehouse required corrective action to restore access for maintenance. AQUALIS utilized a swift, environmentally conscious solution to rehabilitate the pond and ensure proper maintenance moving forward.

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    Commercial • Stormwater System Repairs

    Columbia, MD Stormwater Detention Basin Rehabilitation

    A healthcare facility with stormwater assets draining into the Patuxent River faced Notices of Violation (NOV) due to severe sedimentation compounded over years of lack of maintenance on the detention basin.

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    Commercial • Lift Station Repairs

    Hallandale Beach, Fla. Commercial Lift Station Repair

    Preventative maintenance on site of a horse complex led to required replacement of lift station pumps. AQUALIS identified the issue and installed new, functioning pumps before system failure.

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